School of Arts & Sciences, 悉尼 Campus


The School of Arts & Sciences offers a multitude of opportunities to situate your learning in real world scenarios. Our Beyond the Books program opens the doors to exciting industries, with work integrated learning opportunities, 研究 Abroad options and career-enhancing service projects.

  • 工作综合学习

    Developed with industry partners, the School of Arts & Sciences’ internship program allows you to gain 80 hours of valuable practical and professional skills within industry as part of your degree. Your internship may take place with a community organisation, business, festival, theatre, newspaper, television station, government department, trade union or lobby group. You are also required to attend internship workshops during one semester. These workshops provide you with professional development, networking and mentoring opportunities, resume and interview preparation, career discovery and value and character development in the workplace.

  • 师徒/学术支持

    学术支持可通过该大学的学术支持机构(ASO)的学生。除了ASO工作坊和在线资源,您将收到有关在本学期在校园里的可用每周定期作坊电子邮件。该研讨会的目标是建立学术技能和信心,帮助你达到你的学术潜力。研讨会运行约45分钟,你将有时间吃午饭,并为下一节课做准备。有没有需要预订或注册 - 和工作坊都是免费的。它们涵盖的主题包括时间管理,写作和批判性思维,研究和引用,压力管理,学术写作技巧,语言约定,记忆能力和考试准备。

  • 设备

    The School of Arts & Sciences has a range of state-of-the-art facilities including a fully-equipped Black-Box Theatre – a flexible performance space which seats around 45-50 people – as well as a 24-track lighting board and a costume and prop collection. The theatre is also used for workshops. 媒体 labs with MAC facilities and photography and videography equipment are also available for students.


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