School of Arts & Sciences, 弗里曼特尔 Campus

The School of Arts & Sciences in 弗里曼特尔 offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Our degrees have the power to transform and enrich society, create new knowledge and find innovative solutions to local 和 global challenges.


我们的工作综合学习课程提供机会让你你毕业前获得工作经验。您还可以扩大你的视野,并通过海外留学学位的一部分,我们的 体验世界计划留学项目.

  • 工作综合学习

    The School of Arts & Sciences offers you the chance to learn on location through our internship programs. Normally undertaken in the final semester, the program places students in a real-world working environment within the profession they hope to enter. Apart from gaining valuable practical experience and industry contacts, you also receive academic credit for this placement. 工作综合学习 is one of the reasons why Notre Dame is ranked number one in Western Australia for Skills Development and 毕业 雇用 in the Humanities, Culture and Social Sciences.  Internships take place in museums, media organisations, arts companies 和 government departments.

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    The School of Arts & Sciences occupies three restored heritage buildings in the heart of 弗里曼特尔. The complex includes a number of specialist facilities for communications and science students. 学生们 have access to St Teresa’s 图书馆, located on Bateman Courtyard, which has a large collection of print and digital material, plus study rooms, open access PCs, study tables 和 printers.


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